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Vanessa Champion Photographer portraits corporate videoVanessa Champion has been a professional photographer for over 25 years, selling her first landscape prints when she was 16 after visits to Cornwall with her family and little bonkers Jack Russell. She shoots stills and video, including 4K and has a wonderful video editor in her team. Ness can help commission drone, 360 and other specialised photography.

For the past 20 years she has enjoyed commissions from brand agencies, corporates, blue-chips as well as theatrical groups, musicians, actors, festivals as well as individual families, craftspeople, artists, entrepreneurs.

“Everyone has a story. Commercially, I am known for my visual story-telling and I love the variety of my work. One minute I’m up a crane for a commercial shoot the next I’m sitting on the floor with some ceramic pots under studio lights. Shooting portraits for me is a wonderful process, from the first moment of meeting people through to putting even the most stressed and uncomfortable at their ease, to the styling and directing in the studio or on location. Am very lucky and I love my job.”

Ness photographs portraits, events, advertising and publicity imagery for magazines, internal and external communications, as well as being commissioned for performing and creative arts and manufacturing.

Her own heritage in the theatre and the visual arts has given her a sensitivity for timing not just in the entertainment world but also in a corporate environment. “Being able to convey a story of anything visually, from a high street brand to the energy of a portrait session, is a gut feeling. Being technically able isn’t enough, you have to listen, wait and trust the moment and yourself.”

Portfolio includes Rolls Royce, Corrigans Mayfair, Philips, Royal Opera House.
Ness is also a writer and editor, often writing stories to accompany the photo story.
Interviews with Anthony Donnelly, 5Fives ,
She is founder of PhotoAid Global, supporting NGOs in Africa, India, Nepal, Europe and now South America and Bhutan and is available to give talks and training. “Everyone has a story, I love working with people to help convey their message, whether it is a remote community or a commercial enterprise.”
She is also Director of Dragonfly Communications a Creative Agency and Lead Creative and Owner of ARGENTA Fine Art, the luxury print brand.
vanessachampion@live.com  07747 025 361  
(or if outside the UK  +44 7747 025 361).
She is often found with a passport in hand heading on a plane somewhere, so give her a couple of hours to respond, she might be in the sky!

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